Teen Daze Is Back For Seconds
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2012

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    While All Of Us, Together was largely inspired by an old encyclopaedic volume filled with views of the imagined images of utopia, The Inner Mansions, the second album this year from Teen Daze, examines an inward journey.

    "Union", with guest vocals from Frankie Rose follows "New Life" in being released from the new album. Both songs certainly reflect what comes off as the spiritual journey that the album explores, with the heavenly-harp sounding instrumentals and soft vocals. The "visual influences" behind this album have been documented via Tumblr account for your viewing (and sometimes listening) pleasure. In it, you'll find quotations from the likes of C.S. Lewis, along with photos of campfires, a waterfall, and an abundance of misty fog. Just as a warning, though: if you get lost in that fog, you may feel as if you've fallen into that forbidden teen-vampire world housed in Washington State. Don't let that happen to you.

    But, wait -- there's more! Not only is Teen Daze releasing his second album of the year, but also a split 12-inch with Shout Out Out Out Out! The split 12-inch will be released as part of the Olio Festival, and you can get more information on that -- and hear some tracks! -- here.

    The Inner Mansions is due out on 11/6 from Lefse Records.

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