SONG OF THE DAY: 'On the Road' by Syd
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Last week, The Internet front-woman Syd released her second official solo project, the Always Never Home EP. The last song on the three-song EP, "On the Road," is a stream-of-consciousness meditation on fame, success, and the good and the bad of constantly touring and traveling. The first verse, backed by bubbling synths and a pulsing bass, expresses a sort of love-hate relationship with touring, with lyrics like "Always somethin' to promote, but, hey, this was the goal/We've been on the road/Like where the fuck is home?/Bag full of dirty clothes." After the first verse, which is produced by Full Crate, the beat switches up and the Kintaro-produced beat takes over. Syd spends the rest of the song flowing easily from verse to verse, toying with the ideas of her bright future, sharing her success, and avoiding the pressure of high expectations.

    Overall, "On the Road" is especially cool because of how it strays from the typical song structure. Instead of going between verses and a chorus, Syd gives us verse after verse. This uninterrupted flow creates the sense that the listener is following Syd's train of thought as she ponders her success. The structure, or lack thereof, brings Syd's lofty musings on extreme success down to an intimate level where it comes off as down to earth instead of unrelatable.

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