• Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Earlier today, Jessie J uploaded a new video onto Youtube. Yay, new music! Right? Kinda.

    Yes, this is a video, and yes, there is music in it, but it is far from a music video.

    The video features Jessie in a field, looking absolutely gorgeous. She then dives into her deepest emotions and feelings. "I don't want to make music anymore," she admits at the very start of the video. She continues, talking about how she can't stop making music. Music is everything to her, but it's also what has been hurting her.

    She laments on how the music industry changed her. How she was no longer writing music because she loved it, but she was writing because it was what was expected of her. She was keeping up with what she thought people wanted to see of her, instead of being true to who she is.

    Jessie then goes on to say that she found herself and her voice again. She fell in love with music again through the help of four words: Realization, Obsessions, Sex, and Empowerment. R.O.S.E. And for each of those words, she has written a song, which she says she is "finally ready to share." When she will share those songs, is still unknown. But the wait will be worth it, as we are finally going to get to know the real Jessie.

    Welcome back, J. We wish you all the best.

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