Harry Styles' Cover of Fleetwood Mac Has Us Swooning
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Harry Styles had his first solo BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge session yesterday, and it was everything you'd expect it to be.

    One of the songs that Harry blessed us mere mortals with was a cover of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac is an iconic group, and The Chain is an iconic song. It is extremely difficult to do either of them justice, let alone not disgrace yourself in the process. With that being said, Harry and his band absolutely nailed this cover.

    One of the most important parts of this song is the harmonies, and Harry and Co. didn't miss a single one. The blend between the voices is perfect, no one stands out too much, yet Harry's angelic voice clearly is the one carrying the show. Lindsey Buckingham's original vocal part is strong, powerful, and full of emotion, which is part of what makes covering the song so difficult. Harry expertly belts out the song, with the same nuance but slight rasp definitive of his voice. It almost sounds like Buckingham knew Harry would one day put his spin on the song, and wrote something that both of them would sound perfect on.

    Here's to more foolproof covers by Harry Styles.

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