5 Musicians Who Have Designed Interesting Clothing Lines
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When you hit it big as a musician, you have two options: Create your own perfume or design your own clothing line. We don't necessarily know why everyone does this (to make more money, duh) but we've seen a lot of questionable things result from it. Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and even Justin Bieber had their own perfumes. It raises a lot of questions -- did they actually have anything to do with the making of it? And more importantly, what does it even smell like? Aside from perfumes, we've noticed clothing lines have always been another big thing and Rihanna just came out with her latest Fenty x Puma. In honor of this new announcement, we've decided to count down the five best (or worst?) clothing lines (supposedly) designed by artists.

    1. Rihanna

    Well this whole post is in honor of Rihanna's Fenty x Puma, so of course we're going to talk about it. Pop star Rihanna has been enlisted as Puma's Womens Creative Director and has been pretty successful with it, too. She designed those Puma creepers in a couple of different shades and I see them all over the place. I may have wanted to buy a pair... But they were sold out... Aside from the creepers, she also presented the Gothic Fall 2016 collection earlier this year which was pretty buzzy as well.


    Oh yeah, she also created these slippers, too. Not sure how I feel about them...


    2. Kanye West

    There has been a lot of controversy over Yeezy season 4 recently after it showed on New York's Roosevelt Island. Critics are calling it a shit show after a huge start time delay and models almost fainting (one actually did faint) in the NYC summer heat. I never liked the clothing anyway, it was just a bunch of beige-tinted stockings and ripped sweaters... and it still is. Ye hasn't grown at all.

    Footage of models taking off their heels and giving up during the show:

    3. Jessica Simpson

    I don't know if Simpson is really a musician anymore, but she definitely was at some point (putting "With You" here just because it was the best song ever). Either way, she's been pretty productive with her clothing line for quite some time now... And it's not bad! I almost bought a pair of her shoes one time without knowing they were hers. It's pretty cool how she slyly went from singer to designer. Her latest activewear line is called The Warm Up! Go girl!



    4. Pharrell Williams

    Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club gets fantastic praise, with critics saying that he is the artist most focused on sustainability. Pharrell has partnered with Adidas, too, to create colorful and futuristic clothing.


    5. Rita Ora

    Rita Ora has also partnered up with Adidas to create one hell of a line. She's been killin' it with fun floral prints, bright neon colors, and Roy Lichtenstein-esque comic book patterns. Looks like partnering up with Adidas is the way to go.



    Now you tell us... Which celeb clothing lines are your fave?

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