Iggy Azalea Might Be The Next Kim Kardashian
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Another day, another celebrity sex scandal...yaaawwn...who cares? Celebs should get used to having their phones hacked and nudies shared across the world wide web. So it's not shocking to hear Iggy Azalea is the most recent famous face whose alleged tumble in the sheets is on tape, and Vivid Entertainment wants it bad. Although Iggy's team denied it was her and now saying it might be her from her days of being underage, the "Fancy" rapper would be silly not to see opportunity for major dollar signs.

    Compared to Kim Kardashian who turned a private, red-faced moment with rapper, Ray-J, into lifetime of financial security, Iggy has what it takes. Big butt, gorgeous face, her feet firmly planted in the spotlight, and fans for days.

    What Iggy doesn't have in cleavage, she makes up for in attitude and confidence. Plus, if she takes the moves she has on-stage behind closed doors, there's no doubt she'd surpass Kim when it comes to sales and entertainment. She could even go under her birth name, Amethyst Kelly, which sounds way more porn appropriate.

    Iggy isn't at a loss for talent and knows how to work, unlike Kim, who aside from her sex tape and marrying Kanye West, doesn't really do anything notable. I mean, just sayin.'

    Bankrolling on a sex tape may make millions for a lifetime, but is it worth comprising integrity and being compared to Mrs. Kanye West when you're already on the rise?

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