Your First Look At The End of The World

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There is an obvious doom and gloom bubbling under the surface of the music Nervous Curtains unfurl. The end of the can hear it pressing on a song like "It's the End of Eternity". The band's video meets the mood in a landscape where metal bakes on cracked concrete and carefree summers of youth have given way to oppressive heat waves (it is Texas, after all). Says principle songwriter Sean Kirkpatrick, "This was an attempt to create two opposing worlds; one is a harsh and destructive reality where discarded household objects are going up in flames in the middle of a suburban backyard. The underwater sequences exist as a cool, escapist fantasy realm at the other end of the spectrum. Its blue and pleasant in the pool, but theres an ever-present invasion of the nefarious. Im endlessly fascinated and inspired by the futility of utopian dreams and schemes. Check out the video premiere here, and be sure to pick up the band's latest album, Fake Infinity.

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