Back And Ready To Rumble: Watch Grizzly Bear Play New Songs on WNYC

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    After taking some time out for themselves, Grizzly Bear is back with their fourth album Shields, due out on 9/18.

    Also returning is WNYC's Soundcheck, kicking things off with a four-song performance from Grizzly Bear, as well as short interviews with the band throughout.

    The new album is credited to Grizzly Bear in full, as it is an album that was created from heavy collaborations between all band members. Another interesting reveal in the interview is the story behind the cover art. Does the aquatint print look familiar to you? It was created by Richard Diebenkorn to be used in his 1981 series "Clubs And Spades."

    Craving more Grizzly Bear? You can catch them on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Friday night. Still a radio listener? Grizzly Bear's performance will be aired again on 93.9 FM on 9/17 from 9-10pm.

    Oh, and the band was also gracious enough to allow NPR to stream their entire album a week early. I say it's time for you to take a break from whatever you're doing and go enjoy that.

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