SONG OF THE DAY: 'Vacation Town' by The Front Bottoms
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Dezi Savini

    "Vacation Town," the second single off of The Front Bottoms' upcoming release, is as moody as the weather on a September day. Lead singer Brian Sella certainly misses a lot of things, especially the way things used to be. He feels offseason, an emotion listeners can relate to as we all transition from frosé to pumpkin spice.

    This song, and perhaps the new album (out 10/13) - the title Going Grey is a little too on the nose to not be about the band's maturation - seems to lament the changes The Front Bottoms have gone through since signing to a major label. With Sella sings his favorite word "comfortable," the very first line of the song serves as a nod to their humbler beginnings. Sella's "uncomfortable" existence has become a lyrical motif among Front Bottoms songs, and fans can't help but feel a little excited for this thematic return. Additionally, when mournful trumpets jump in for a few bars at the end of the chorus, listeners are sonically brought back to the band's earlier work where horns were present on nearly every track.

    However, the nostalgia that drives "Vacation Town" is notably enhanced by the band's developed sound. Starting out as a two-piece DIY outfit from Jersey, The Front Bottoms seem to be finally coming into their own as a full band. Despite their apparent resistance to change, they already have. Despite their adamant wishes to be comfortable, their sound betrays them - they already are and the band and their fans should feel good about that. As much as we tend to dread colder weather, everyone loves wrapping themselves up in their favorite sweater. This is the perfect song to hum along to from under a fluffy throw blanket, where we can all miss the summer but still enjoy today.

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