The Decemberists Gift Us With A Second Record In 2015
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    You can't see our offices, but our Managing Editor is doing a little happy dance at his desk. Why's that? Well, we just found out that The Decemberists are releasing a new EP this year. Considering we already got the excellent What A Beautiful World, What a Terrible World LP earlier in the year, this is like Christmas for nerds who love hyper-literate folk rock. Colin Meloy and crew will be dropping the Florasongs EP on 10/9, and they've shared the first track, "Why Would I Now," which has us officially hyped. These are unused tracks from the WABW, WATW sessions, and this album's softly strumming folk/guitar-pop sensibilities fit right in with that record's aesthetic, but when that record was as great as it was, we're perfectly happy with an EP of that album's toss-offs.

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