Movies We Can't Wait For: Edward Sharpe aka Alexander Ebert-Scored 'All Is Lost'

    • Posted by: Anton Barcelo

    All Is Lost is a seemingly existential thriller that could put both The Perfect Storm and Cast Away to shame, yet Wilson will always remain in a special place in my heart. The film's star, a now 77-year-old Robert Redford when speaking on his life stated, "Beneath the propaganda there was a big gray area I decided to make that the subject of films." Redford in this film breaks that gray area both literally and metaphorically. Alone at sea, he's left to fend for himself as he wages a seemingly endless war against himself. Survival seems to be the prize he is working towards. The trailer says nothing, yet a massive amount at the same time. Being that the actor spoke of unknown areas that most will not go into, it seems like he took the issue head-on. Being alone at sea, there is nothing to do and no one to go to, but yourself. The gray area is the sea which is vast and unexplored at parts, and it is now being intruded upon by Redfords character. And did I mention the sharks?

    Now for the good stuff. Alexander Ebert is doing the movie score. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' frontman has taken on a gray area for himself to explore. The track release simply titled "Amen" gives a nice indication that this movie is going to be subtle, but pure. If there was anything I didn't see coming as a follow up, it was this. As a sophomore solo album following his 2011 release Alexander, this is sure to be quite different with emotions as deep as the sea itself. Ebert ends the score with the words "Young mans memories, stay with the summer leaves / Old man we cannot see, Old man decaying...Amen." Coming across a bit Lambchop-esque this score is going to give even bigger groups like Explosions in the Sky a run for their movie score money.

    The album is due out October 1st thanks to Community Music prefiguring the film due out October 18.

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