Meet Northwest Ohio's Musical Renaissance Man: Bill Ulsh

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    Once in a while in the hordes of video submissions there is a gem, and in this case, the gem is made of onyx and named Bill Ulsh. Hailing from Northwest Ohio, the "Mad Concert Pianist" plays the keyboard and covers "Metalli-Classics" like "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Enter Sandman". During his spare time, he works on his graphic novel called Mutant Melvin which is about "...A town now filled with Hicks, Mutants, and M.I.L.F.s." It's a must-read.

    Today we are putting the spotlight on his newest music video, "Wizard of Death", where we see Bill at his best wearing his very trendy high-waisted pants and signature 'stach in the depths of his basement. The song slowly creeps to a start when finally the man behind the music appears as a doctor straight out of Silent Hill. Does heavy metal just ooze through his veins? I'm pretty sure it does. Bill tells the story of a 3D evil wizard through his lyrics, "I go to sleep and I close my eyes, but the wizard of death, he won't be nice!" The wizard of death slays a floating teddy bear, or is it a metaphor for something way deeper? The Ulsh man needs to fill us in.

    Bill's upcoming album Wizard of Death comes out on September 24, produced by the man himself. Until then, browse around his website and write in his guestbook, won't ya?

    And Bill, if you're reading this, please keep us posted with any new videos.

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