the guest apartment: taylor barton
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

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    Here's a special segment of Guest Apartment, courtesy of NY singer songwriter Taylor Barton. Over the course of the past few months we've had the incredible opportunity to welcome a rich and diverse collection of artists to our humble, West Village abode. When we posed the question to Barton, she very much obliged, bringing along with her what is probably the most world-class group of musicians we'll ever have the opportunity to work with.

    Featuring the legendary GE Smith (SNL House Band, Hall and Oates) on guitars, Jon Carin (Pink Floyd) on piano/guitar/slide guitar, Alex Alexander on Djembe, and Dana McCoy providing backup vocals, this performance is rich and exquisite; the band providing the perfect accompaniment to the soulful, folk selections from Barton's latest release, Spiritual Gangster. Classic, down to earth, honest, and ultimately uplifting, Taylor Barton's session is the result of world renowned musicians doing what comes naturally to them within the comfort of Baeble's Guest Apartment. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Taylor Barton at the Guest Apartment

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