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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

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    Now that labor day has come and gone and it really feels as if summer is sadly coming to an end we begin to think about what we have to look forward to. Besides snow, sleet and runny noses what could we possibly have to look forward to this winter? Well how about all the new albums that will be released this fall and winter? And while going to concerts in the winter isn't as fun as in the summer there are always a slew of great winter tours to check out. Or how about these mixtapes? Well whatever it is, keep your chin up because before you know it you will be once again planning your summer festival schedule. For now, here's some music.-Greg Lozoff

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    1. Los Campesinos - "The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future"
    To start us this week we have a brand new song from Cardiff, Wales indie rockers Los Campesinos!. This is our first taste of the band's as of yet untitled new album that they have been working on over the summer. This song has a little more of a serious and dramatic feel to it, yet still has that energy that the band is famous for. Is this a sign that the rest of the new album will follow suit? We will have to wait and see.

    2. Datarock - "True Stories"
    Next we have a really catchy track from Bergen, Norway's Datarock. There have been a few lineup changes since the release of the band's debut album Datarock Datarock back in 2005. With Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes as the only remaining band members the group can now be called a duo. Their first foray into this new and radical world is an album called Red. Here's a taste.

    3. Mew - "Beach"
    Now that we have had a chance to take in Mew's long awaited latest LP with the interminable name, No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry They've Washed Away. No More Stories, The World Is Grey, I'm Tired, Let's Wash Away, we can safely say that while this album is definitely different than the band's previous two releases it is still a great listen, showing a much happier and less dark side to the band. Just listen to the peppy "Beach" and hear for yourself.

    4. Circulatory System - "Overjoyed"
    Circulatory System love themselves a long album don't they? Their first album was 17 songs and their latest, entitled Signal Morning is no less than 17 tracks long. I guess it just keeps up with lead band member Will Cullen Hart's previous work with his former band, Olivia Tremor Control. Hart who has been a part of the Elephant Six Collective since it's beginnings, which if you haven't heard has given us bands such as Of Montreal, Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples In Stereo and Elf Power, to name a few, is at his best on this one as you can hear on the album's first single, "Overjoyed".

    5. Andrew Bird - "Master Sigh"
    Ok so everyone knows that Andrew Bird recently released an absolutely incredible album of new material called Noble Beast just a few months ago. What less people may know is that along with the album's release he also released an extended version of the album called Useless Creatures. While Noble Beast showed off Bird's ability to write great pop songs, useless Creatures shows us that he can also write stiring and emotive instrumental pieces as well. Here's "Master Sigh" from the album.

    6. Delorean - "Seasun"
    There has been quite a bit of hype surrounding Spanish electro pop band Delorean and their debut EP, entitled AyrTon Senna. While we think it's too early to tell whether this band has any true staying power, we will admit that the album's hottest track "Seasun" starts off slow but quietly grows into something uplifting and quite dancy. However, time will tell if these guys are truly deserving of the hype.

    7. Sally Shapiro - "Let It Show"
    Sally Shapiro has been a big deal in Sweden for a few years now but if she wasn't a full-on star yet in North America, her latest album, My Guilty Pleasure should seal the deal. There have been a slew of 80s inspired musicians to emerge in the past few years and if Sally Shapiro has anything on all the others it's that she is as authentic as it gets. This little gem is called "Let It Show".

    8. Taken By Trees - "Watch The Waves"
    Why not follow up Sally Shapiro with another very talented Swede that goes by the name of Victoria Bergsman. You may recognize her as the former lead singer of The Concretes, but now she is on her own and she calls herself Taken By Trees. Her latest album, East of Eden, was inspired by a recent trip to Pakistan and you could tell that she was heavily influenced by the local music. Here is "Watch The Waves" from the album.

    9. BLK JKS - "Lakeside"
    Here is sort of an odd yet deliciously rocking piece composed by South African band, BLK JKS (pronounced Black Jacks). The band has recently signed to Secretly Canadian so their debut LP, After Robots, which was released just a few days ago, should be easy enough to find at your local record store (or itunes). Do you think they are friends with MSTRKRFT?

    10. Jay Reatard - "Wounded"
    And to finish us off in style we have a new song by grunge rocker Jay Reatard. His second full length solo album Watch Me Fall, which was released last month, is still going strong as one of the most exciting albums of the summer. It is also good to see that while Reatard has obviously matured, as musicians (like the rest of us) tend to do, he still stays true to his punk rock roots and while he is only a year shy of his 30th birthday he is still an angsty punk rocking teenager in our hearts.

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