How to Break-Up According to Taylor Swift
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    It finally happened. Trailer Taylor Swift released a song that's not about how she didn't get the guy in high school. To be fair Swift has written a few songs about her ex-boyfriends, but none as direct as this one. Her new song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" has one clear message: Taylor and the boyf are never getting back together. Like ever. Whether the song is written about Jonas, Gyllenhaal or that guy who played the werewolf in Twilight is up for debate (although all clues point to Jake). So according to the country pop star, break-ups can be handled in five easy steps.

    1. Sit around in your pajamas all day
    2. Get a dramatically different haircut (Nice bangs, Taylor)
    2. Take up a new hobby, like knitting, and redo your entire apartment accordingly
    3. Make friends with a bunch of musically-included woodland creatures
    5. EVER

    Well then. Apparently this is what happens when you break up with Donnie Darko. If the Swift method fails, you could always take the Ed Sheeran route and get drunk with your cat:

    1. Sulk*
    2. Drink*
    3. Shots at the Pub*
    4. Pick a fight*
    5. Spontaneous house party!*

    *with your cat

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