Album Review: Animal Collective
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Merriweather Post Pavillion worried me. Animal Collective has always been a certain type of band, an audio exercise designed to turn instrumental expectation on its head. And yet, on MPP, they inexplicably created a handful of recordings as clear and enjoyable to people who write dissertations on Veckatimest as dudes who know one or two Vampire Weekend songs and still wear Abercrombie perfume. And my fears were confirmed -- a band that most wrote off as the weird kid who eats boogers and smells like patchouli on the playground was hailed as always being truly brilliant on every album retrospectively, by people who could not put their enjoyment of the first minute of "Peacebone" on Strawberry Jam into any other words besides "cool" and "noisey!" Animal Collective has more bandwagon fans than the New York Yankees. Animal Collective is the musical equivalent of Finnegan's Wake, and that's not a compliment. Most people who've seen the band live admit it's like watching freestyle garbage collecting.

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