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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

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    Photos by Joe Puglisi. For more shows, check out our photo section

    Although people have mixed feelings about the robotic/angelic qualities of School Of Seven Bells (not to mention their matching tattoos), it's hard to deny the amount of ferocity they bring to the stage, or their forward momentum, or their well-crafted bangers, or their... you get it. You could scoop the energy out of the air and put it on a sandwich, and it'd be the best sandwich. It's obvious these guys won't ever be satisfied with the size of their shows. They want more, and they will keep pushing to get it.

    Brooklyn Bowl is never "packed", per se, but last night it felt stuffy at the front, and many heads were bobbing. The sound made the room feel small, like the band wanted to bust out and break free of the restrictions of mid-level venues... they are just too big for the stages they've been playing. It was ab it serendipitous running into one of my old editors, who has championed the band since their very first days... last night felt like another mile marker in the long road to mainstream success.

    I think Baeble staffer David Pitz put it best (he was my show buddy, and he has talked about all this before); "The rooms get bigger, yet still it feels like the rooms they're playing can't contain 'em. Maybe that's my own dissatisfaction, but I've yet to hear these guys in a setting where I feel their full capabilities are not being limited (except on our rooftop)...Though, this was still the best show yet".

    Disconnect From Desire is out now. -joe puglisi

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