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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

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    pete international airport (lowercase intentional) has released a music video for their track "21 Days." The video is a mix of animation and shots of model set with buildings made almost entirely out of assorted vintage guitar pedals, rack gear, cathode tubes, etc. Even if you're not a gear nerd like I am, it's a very cool concept and fits nicely with the song's guitar-driven vibe. The tune itself takes a minute to kick things off, but after a slow intro, turns out to be a workout on some awesome rock riffs iced over with some fairly muted vocals.

    pete international airport is actually the side project of the Dandy Warhols' Peter Holmstrom, although he seems to be working as hard as possible to keep that bit of info on the down low to those of us not familiar with him by name.

    The tune itself is available for free download below, although the band's website doesn't have anything available to purchase. If you are lucky enough to live near Portland, Oregon, the group also has a few local shows booked. -peter menniti

    free download

    Tour Dates for pete international airport
    9/18 - Clean Air Clear Stars, Pioneertown, CA
    9/21 - Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR

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    pete international airport on Myspace

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