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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

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    Dead Confederate may or may not have set out to prove that Georgia's gritty rock scene can keep up with its burgeoning hip-hop offerings, but regardless of intention, Sugar is a rush of distortion and hell-bent attitudes. As far as audible explorations and epiphanies, Dead Confederates tell no tales, but they know what they are playing at... if you enjoy a man and his electric guitar swigging whiskey and playing variations of southern rock n' roll, this is your lucky day.

    The album is all kinds of noisey, and benefits from the versatility of the band's sounds when making said noise. The hyperactive jam of the ironically titled "Quiet Kid" sounds like The Flaming Lips (circa Embryonic) ate one too many fried pickles. "Mob Scene" takes its cues from the Jack White school of obscuring lyrics with guitars that sound like fighter jets. Dead Confederate can rip through a song like a knife rips through paper, that's for damn sure.

    Perhaps it's their experiences (the boys have been playing together since high school), or their dedication to forming the songs in the studio (based on a discussion I had with the band), but they always sound tight and together, even amidst fully fledged meltdowns. Band's that do best are the ones that know how to play off of each other. A good indication of live presence is attempting to recreate that feeling in the studio... it's only natural to want to capture and sell the band at its best, even if it's really loud. So Sugar is a bit of an overindulgence, but who cares? It still tastes better than the fake stuff. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "Run From The Gun"
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