SOTD: The Return of Sylvan Esso's Perfect Pop
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Sylvan Esso are the perfect sum of their parts. There's that danceable, electronic element that is of course at the heart of their sound. Producer Nick Sanborn is probably most responsible for this part of the equation. Then there are singer Amelia Meath's often-melancholy vocal melodies. They haunt Nick's ecstatic creations like a ghost in the club. On that 2014 self-titled album of theirs, just worked.

    And guess what? Today Sylvan Esso just offered up the first new slice of sound since that debut took the music world by the horns. Titled "Radio", the duo sound as sleek as ever. Lo-fi, 80s synths percolate under a simple, snappy beat that slowly blooms into a big ole chorus that puts Amelia's line "Slave to the radio" on repeat. The song plays like a cynical shout-out to the pop industrial complex, is a dash self-referential to the duo's [apparent] refusal to participate ("Highway blues and gasoline fumes, it's all I seem to make when I'm playing my tunes/I know the rules/I ask for it too/But I just keep on yelling, keep on running, never stopping"), and clocks in at just over 3 minutes and 30 seconds...making it the most perfect piece of pop you'll hear all day. Take that, industry peeps...

    "Radio" will officially be released on November 18th as a 12" paired with the B-Side, "Kick Jump Twist". The band will be releasing their sophomore album sometime net year and are already rolling out new jams in concert. Dates listed HERE.

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