A Bands And Brews Miracle: Our Favorite Fan Jams With His Favorite Band
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    "So you actually went to the show planning to play with Arkells?"

    "Yeah and no. It was a thought but it was kind of like a far-fetched idea rather than it's actually going to happen."

    Well, it actually happened...

    All summer long we've been bragging about how cool our Bands + Brews series at Industry City in Brooklyn is. Held in a unique, one-of-kind setting, we've offered those willing to ride the express trains deep into the heart of Brooklyn intimate and sometimes very personal encounters with a variety of amazing musicians and bands, including My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel, Great Good Fine OK, Xenia Rubinos, Tigertown, Handsome Ghost, and Drowners.

    Case in point: Meet Stephen Baumgarten, just one of a hundred or so souls who came down to our 'hood for our first Bands + Brews of the season. It was the Hamilton Ontario outfit Arkells who were on Stephen's radar. After catching a show of theirs' earlier in the year with friends, Stephen caught wind of Bands + Brews the day before when the Arkells cryptically tweeted out info about a secret show in Brooklyn.

    It seems Stephen had more on his mind than just catching a show from one of his favorite bands. No, this amicable grad student/life guard/Arkells die-hard practiced his chops earlier that morning, picked his moment, and politely asked singer Max Kerman if he might "sit in" on the band's next song. Max obliged and Stephen totally owned his moment...so confidently that we initially thought it was planned in some way. Like Stephen was a ringer the band brings on the road to perform the "stunt" night after night. When we found out it was real we knew we had to track down Stephen (thanks social media!) to find out how he pulled it off.

    Bands + Brews...anything can happen people! Don't miss out on our event of the season on September 22nd. Details coming SOON.

    And check out Arkells' Full Performance at Bands + Brews below:

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