Charlie Puth Is Only 'One Call Away'
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I have very intense memories of being a pre-teen/teenager and middle school/high school dances. They were hell more often than not, but there were those moments where the right slow song came on and I caught the eye of the right girl that I'd liked and we'd share a moment together and dance. Basic human contact/affection is as important (if not more so) as sex, and looking back, it's easy to forget how nice those little moments with just you and another person on a dance floor could be in simpler times. Well...just you and another person and the right song. The right song makes all the difference. And on his first solo track since working with Wiz Khalifa on "See You Again," Charlie Puth crafts one of those warm and tender songs that makes you want to forget about your worries and hold someone you care about on a dance floor.

    Check out "One Call Away" below and pre-order Charlie's LP Nine Track Mind due out 11/6 on iTunes here.

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