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    Only the crazy world we live could somehow generate this wonderful Wednesday morning present. On August 23rd 2009, 50 fans in Prague decided to attend a show and capture the action from multiple vantage points. Combine that with professional audio from the band, and you have Prague DVD, by something (or someone) called Nataly, 100% free for anyone to download in a variety of formats. You got to love those Czechs.

    From the site: "Strictly not for sale - By the fans, for the fans. Please share and enjoy."

    Download the full experience. (At the time of posting, the site was moving VERY slowly, so don't be discouraged!)

    Radiohead Prague DVD [via.]
    01. 15 Step
    02. There There
    03. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    04. All I Need
    05. Lucky
    06. Nude
    07. Morning Bell
    08. 2+2=5
    09. A Wolf At The Door
    10. Videotape
    11. (Nice Dream)
    12. The Gloaming
    13. Reckoner
    14. Exit Music (For A Film)
    15. Bangers and Mash
    16. Bodysnatchers
    17. Idioteque
    18. Pyramid Song
    19. These Are My Twisted Words
    20. Airbag
    21. The National Anthem
    22. How To Disappear Completely
    23. The Bends
    24. True Love Waits
    25. Everything In Its Right Place

    -joe puglisi

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