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    We've had a stellar summer, and these last few weeks have only furthered our enthusiasm for delivering fresh content to you guys. Today our CEO David Moffly passed along some words he'd like to share with the Baeble community (that's you!), please find his open letter to you all, enclosed below.


    September 1, 2010

    VH1's mass media machine this week caught up with our taste. Two of our featured artists, Sara Bareilles and Mumford & Sons are in the Top 20 for the week. Our site features an outstanding intimate session with Sara (a genuinely funny and brilliant woman and we cheat because Sara is already a mass media success) and an incredibly intense and emotional concert with Mumford. We are pleased that the popular culture of VH1 has found value in artists whose talent burns brightly without special effects, auto-tune or poses. Speaking of brilliance, another house favorite whom we haven't filmed, Arcade Fire, worked with Google to bring us all a taste of what's possible when great music and incredible technical skill fuse to create an emotional on-line music experience. We all look forward to more of these, even if I can get a cup of coffee and walk the dog around the block in the time it takes to render the experience in my Chrome browser.

    At Baeble there is a long, thoughtful process regarding who we want to feature on the site and who we want to invest our capital in via the production of concerts and intimate sessions. Over the last several years we have been awed and genuinely pleased with the talent large and small that has come through our doors to be filmed and featured on our site. Artists who show up on time and are ready to give it their best. John Vesely from Secondhand Serenade showed up so ill from food poisoning that he was literally green. Ben Miller from the Low Anthem was in such pain from a bad back we found him lying in the street after the session. The intern in charge of Kele Okereke's keyboard went to the wrong address. But we adapt in the face of disaster, and something special is born... we handed him a guitar and he gave us a deeper, more spontaneous look at his talent. Some sessions resonate with our audience and some don't... but we are always pleased to support the artists we care about and follow. We have a long list of folks we think are stars and who mass culture should recognize and enjoy (just look at our site). We focus on live music because we feel this is where the rubber meets the road in talent. Our sessions are real, and sometimes a little raw, but always worth a look to discover the talents and passions of the artists we feature. Sara Bareilles made us all laugh this week when she put our session on her Facebook feed with the quote "Baeblemusic -- hard to spell easy to enjoy". Perhaps this should be our new corporate tag line.

    Congratulations to Sara and the Mumford crew and we hope that the programming folks at VH1 will mine our ever growing collection of great artists who we believe in to push into the mass market. They are all deserving. - David Moffly


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