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    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2009

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    Here's a hometown show from New York's own Stellastarr*, complete with the kind of receptive welcome one might expect for the band. Enthusiasm would explode throughout the night, punching through the air to the tune of the band's classic rock band formation and razor sharp anthems. As lead singer Shawn Christensen sang with a distinctive, Jarvis Cocker-esque edge, and gorgeous bassist Amanda Tennen strutted the bass with a confident, easy appeal, the band's fans danced and sang along with every word. And when they performed the dark quickening pulse of "In the Walls", and finally the classic that is "My Coco" in an encore that exploded with a frenzied embrace of the band's history, this, the slicing guitars and Shawn's majestic, moody chant, this anticipation, this is what the night demanded, and Stellastarr* delivered. - Laura Yan

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    VIDEO: Stellastarr* at the Highline Ballroom

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