SOTD: Peach by Broods
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 09, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    If you don't know the type of music that Broods creates, you should be able to figure it out by the name. Their music is a bit melancholy, a bit brood-y. Melodies weave together with Georgia's emotional vocals in a way that makes your heart ache. Not their new single though. In their new single, everything is, well, peachy.

    Georgia's voice is altered to a higher pitched version of itself in the chorus, but it remains raw and honest. The synths are subtly sci-fi sounding, and the beat is fast and bouncy. The result is something that sounds fresh and forward thinking. And totally fun. This turn for the duo occurs as they prepare to release their latest album, and proves that they're ready to show us something new.

    Not they've forgotten their roots. Georgia and Caleb Nott have been making music together since childhood, which is not as surprising as it sounds, seeing as they're brother and sister. When they're together, they're in their element, and their trust in each other shines through in their music- each of their strengths is showcased and supported. They build each other up to create a perfectly unique sound. And "Peach" is no different. So while the song shows us something new and exciting, it's still unmistakably Broods.

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