Everything You Need to Know About Kendall Jenner vs. Baby's All Right
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    New York concert-goers, our beloved Baby's All Right is caught in some celebrity drama and I'm here to give you the run down. If you haven't heard, the Williamsburg bar and venue has been going back and forth with none other than Kendall Jenner, who allegedly neglected to tip her bartender when she visited the venue last week.

    To recap: It all started last Thursday night at A$AP Twelvyy's album release show, which Jenner attended. It makes total sense that Jenner would attend the show, as she's good friends with the rapper (some even believe they're dating, which is neither here nor there). However, the only way we know for sure comes in the form of a since-deleted Instagram post.

    Said post comes from the venue's Instagram, which features a 24 dollar receipt signed by a Kendall N. Jenner. This would've seemed like a shoutout to the Jenner sister if it wasn't for the fact that the receipt had absolutely no evidence of a tip. This led to the hilariously petty caption, "don't forget to tip your bartender :)" #Exposed.

    kendall jenner baby's all right

    The post immediately got people talking. Some were outraged that someone as rich as Jenner couldn't spare a few dollars. Others found the post distasteful, especially because her signature was displayed front and center. While there is truth to that, it doesn't erase the fact that Kendall didn't tip! It's no secret that bartenders practically live off tips and Jenner could've definitely provided one, even if the service was not up to her liking (which I doubt).

    The plot thickened on Tuesday when Kendall tweeted, "damn, i guess next time we won't tip in cash." With this tweet, it seemed like Kendall had proven herself a respectable customer, putting out the fire and avoiding major scandal. But just when we thought this would all blow over, Baby's reposted the tweet on their Instagram, denying the cash tip.

    In true Baby's All Right fashion, the post was just the right amount of confrontational and passive aggressive, which I'm living for. The Neitzsche quote, "I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you," made me laugh out loud. Paired with the hashtag #nocashtip, it's clear that Baby's isn't letting Jenner win.

    kendall jenner baby's all right tip

    So where are we now? Any evidence of these happenings have been deleted from Baby's Instagram. Thankfully, the screenshots will live on forever. Despite what both parties say, it all comes down to who you believe. For me, that's Baby's All Right. Simply because it's more fun to believe I tip more than Kendall Jenner. All we can do now is sit back, turn on Instagram notifications for the venue, and wait for more truths to unfold.

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