Bruce Springsteen is Coming To Broadway
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Today, Bruce Springsteen made an exciting announcement: this fall, he'll be playing eight weeks of solo shows at New York's Walter Kerr Theater. The residency, titled "Springsteen on Broadway," will begin on October 3 and run until November 26. The performances will be straightforward, intimate, and stripped-back. Or, as Springsteen himself put it, "just me, the guitar, the piano, the words and the music." He'll also be reading excerpts from his acclaimed 2016 autobiography, Born to Run, as well as spoken word pieces written exclusively for the show.

    Obviously, on paper this sounds like a Springsteen fan's dream. In all likelihood, fans of The Boss are already leaping at the opportunity to get tickets for this event, seeing as how the theater has a capacity of less than 1,000 people. Springsteen has always maintained an intimate connection with his audience during his live performances, which is one of the many reasons why his fans feel such a deep, personal connection with his music, and this new project sounds like it will be celebrating that connection in the best way possible. Springsteen also expanded upon why he chose the Walter Kerr Theater for the performances, saying, "I chose Broadway for this project because it has the beautiful old theaters, which seemed like the right setting for what I had in mind."

    So hurry up and get tickets here, before they're gone!

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