11 Indie Songs Your Parents Will Love, Based on Their Favorite Music
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    [Photo Credit: Mark Brown]

    Growing up, you had to listen to whatever your parents liked. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, their favorite music without a doubt shaped you into who you are today. But what happens when you finally get a hold of the AUX cord while driving to the grocery store or grandma's house? What will you play that both you and your parents will enjoy? Pressure's on. By keeping what they like in mind, and playing them the newer version of that, you're guaranteed to have a good car jam session with your 'rents.

    Here are the best songs to play for your parents, based on the music they already know and love.

    1. Step - Vampire Weekend

    Play if they like: The Smiths

    If your parents are anything like mine, they love the 80s. The Smiths ruled college rock in the 80s, with a unique wit that flows through their music. The Columbia grads of Vampire Weekend have this wit in spades. Ever hear your parents complain that modern music is nothing but dumbed down lyrics? Be sure to play them "Step."

    2. Nothing's Wrong - Haim

    Play if they like: Fleetwood Mac

    One of the things that make Fleetwood Mac so enjoyable is the powerful vocals from Stevie Nicks. If your parents are into Fleetwood Mac, chances are they appreciate some girl power. The sisters of Haim combine their talents to make music that's full of twangy guitars and a catchy choruses that any Fleetwood Mac fan will enjoy. "Nothing's Wrong" is a prime example of this.

    3. Holding On - The War On Drugs

    Play if they like: Bruce Springsteen

    This track has been compared to Springsteen by many upon its June release. And honestly, it's a fair comparison. The War On Drugs has a way of capturing the same American life narratives that appear all throughout Springsteen songs. If your 'rents prefer something introspective with a rock n' roll flare, send "Holding On" their way.

    4. 'Cause I'm A Man - Tame Impala

    Play if they like: Pink Floyd

    Okay, this is a pretty obvious recommendation but a true one nevertheless. It's clear that Tame Impala is inspired by Pink Floyd with their psychedelic instrumentals and heavy dose of reverb and fuzz. "'Cause I'm A Man" takes the sound of the 70's and adds a modern edge that both you and your parents will rock out to.

    5. Everything Now - Arcade Fire

    Play if they like: ABBA

    Disco's back baby. The title track off Arcade Fire's latest release has the same beautiful piano and disco grooves that make ABBA's greatest hits so fun. That being said, the bands lyrics discuss subjects that are progressive in nature, bringing something modern to the disco vibe. A perfect mix of new and old, this one will have you all dancing and singing along.

    6. Annie - Neon Indian

    Play if they like: New Order

    Neon Indian is heavily inspired by New Order, so it makes sense that any lover of the classic electronic band will love this track. "Annie" will be a beacon of hope for your parents, who might associate modern electronic music with boring, oversaturated EDM-inspired pop songs.

    7. Simple Song - The Shins

    Play if they like: U2

    Look, I know U2 sometimes gets a bad rep but let's not deny their impact on grand, soaring anthems. While most tracks by The Shins have a delicateness to them, "Simple Song" is, ironically, less simple. The song has a build and infectious melody to it that's easily comparable to the best of U2.

    8. That's What's Up - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

    Play if they like: Grateful Dead

    Were you born to free-loving hippies? Any song by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros will satisfy them just fine. Just like Grateful Dead, the folks behind "That's What's Up" make energetic, guitar based music with a peace & love vibe that will make your ‘rents smile.

    9. Black & White - Regina Spektor

    Play if they like: Joni Mitchell

    Regarded as one of the best songwriters of all time, Joni Mitchell has a way of pulling at your heartstrings. This track from Regina Spektor's 2016 release has a similar effect. Spektor has stated that when she first heard Joni Mitchell, she finally found the courage to start songwriting. Both songstresses have a talent in creating beautifully written, melancholic songs that anyone with a heart can enjoy.

    10. Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

    Play if they like: Bob Dylan

    Parents who like Bob Dylan are probably looking for an important message in their music. The title track off Father John Misty's latest release "Pure Comedy" has just that. Both musicians use the seemingly unthreatening genre of Folk music and make a statement. Put on this track and your parents will feel proud that you're listening to music that explores the important issues in today's society.

    11. Digital Witness - St. Vincent

    Play if they like: David Bowie

    There are tons of modern acts that are influenced by Bowie. That being said, not many capture his love of experimentation like St. Vincent. Her groovy beats and eccentric vocals are comparable to Scary Monsters-era Bowie. At the same time, she's uniquely her own, which your parents will surely appreciate.

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