Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's Dinner Party is More Than Just Fun and Games
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 09, 2016

    • Posted by: Jenny Pedraza

    Just when everything seems to be going backwards, latest has it that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are working on an exciting new project together. The BFFs will joint forces on a cooking show called "Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party" that will premiere on VH1 this fall.

    Aside from the obvious and hopefully hilarious encounters we expect the two will have (Snoopy being high off his ass throughout the show, Martha trying to make sense of his made up vocabulary, and the two combining the cooking tendencies of the ghetto with that of culinary elites), we couldn't be more excited about what this unity implies and what the pair plans to do with it. In a time with police brutality and the democratic candidate for next year's presidential election is judged based on what she's wearing, this show comes as the much-needed comedic relief for what seems to be our countries regressive thinking regarding minorities. The pair is not unfamiliar with working together, Snoop Dogg has appeared on Martha's cooking show named after the host herself, they roasted Justin Bieber last year on Comedy Central, and just recently they competed against each other on ABC'S "100,000 Pyramid." But though forces have been joint in the past for comedic purposes, we can't help but wonder what will happen now that the unlikely pair have all liberty and a blank page to let their creative juices flow.

    We dont have many details about the show yet, so at this point we can only imagine what the pair will do. Though Stewart has stated that the show "will redesign the traditional food competition shows in a new, different and very funny way," we asked how different can the show really be? We believe that based on the icons' experiences, fame, unique humor and America's obsession with food, it has the potential to be extremely different and influential, and is up to them to make it so, since well, the series is created and executive produced by Martha and Snoopy themselves. Questions still remain; will the pair have real dinner talk and tackle the uncomfortable topics our country hates to talk about? Will their guest be justice promoters or basic A-list entertainers? Or will they simply offer an outlet for all the unconformity surrounding both of their prejudiced roles in society? Regardless, we are super excited about having a new show to watch every time we get hit with the munchies, and we have the high suspicion this one is a food show we can personally relate to.

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