Alt-J Stretches Moby's 'A Case For Shame'
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Austin Knief

    Shortly after the release of the psychedelic new music video for Moby's "A Case For Shame", which comes off of his upcoming album Innocents, we are introduced to Alt-J drummer Thom Green's remix of the track. Green dives into the song with a much more gradual approach, letting echoed guitar chords take the lead rather than piano. Al Spx of Cold Specks, who provides vocals for the track, has her role more spread out into the remix that nearly doubles the length of its original.

    Instrumentally, this remix is a more complex take on the song, and a slow thumping bass coupled with deep strings give it a more sinister feel. The piano transforms toward the end of the song to finish with a more uplifting melody as Spx's ghostly voice dissipates into nothingness.

    Innocents will be available on October 1st via Mute Records.

    Watch Thom Green along with the rest of Alt-J live at The Cutting Room:

    Watch the full video at

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