Bloc Party Is Far From F-cking Useless, Destroys Terminal 5 With Awesomeness
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 09, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Bloc Party played Terminal 5 last night, and like so many bands over the decade hurdle with a rabid fan-base and at least one seminal release, inspired sheer lunacy and ecstasy with their every move. Classics like "Helicopter" and "Hunting For Witches" were met with jubilant cheers and aggressive moshing, and even the odd sample-heavy "Mercury" from 2008's Intimacy was met with glee. In one incredibly memorable moment, the band stopped on a dime in the midst of Silent Alarm classic "Positive Tension" to let the crowd scream the battle cry "SO F-CKING USELESS" before descending into a frenzy of seizure-like dancing to the guitar breakdown. Moments like this are transcendental.

    But the best bits of the evening were not owned by the classics. The band played several songs off their new album, Four, and were all well received, and well displayed. New ballad "Real Talk" inspired lighters. New single "Octopus" got cheers for the initial riff. And nothing can compare to the energy of seeing a room full of fans absorb new material with an insatiable hunger. The band loves it, the room loves it, and the night becomes that much more interesting.

    Four is out August 20th via French Kiss.

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