Music Video Premiere: HolidayHoliday
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    True love takes a slightly unorthodox form in the latest video from New York's HolidayHoliday. A man and his mailbox may not be the next big debate at the Senate, but that's not stopping one guy from starting up a curious relationship in Brooklyn with a postal container.

    HolidayHoliday is Matt Swope, Lillian Ruiz, and Graham Bishop, a trio who collided at Piano's in Mattahan's LES one fateful night. After a bit of bonding via French fluency (or a strong enough fakery of it) regarding the writing of a tune about the "menfolk of Marseilles", the band solidified and began recording with the likes of Kevin McMahon (whose credits include The Walkmen and Titus Andronicus). Catch them in and around New York City this summer and be sure to stay tuned for their forthcoming album, due this fall.

    For now, check out "A Thousand" below, the tale of a love forbidden (by US laws about tampering with mail equipment).

    Watch the full video at

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