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    • MONDAY, AUGUST 09, 2010

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    Your weekly guide to late night music. If you have TiVo, this is the time to use it. A few days are looking super weak, but you can use your fancy modern technology to combat boredom errday. Take a look:

    MONDAY (8/09): Menomena (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
    OR: Vampire Weekend (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) (Keep one for tomorrow!)

    TUESDAY (8/10): A weaker one. Rerun of Surfer Blood on Daly, other than that we're lookin' at Meatloaf and Slayer...

    WEDNESDAY (8/11): Joanna Newsom (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) I feel like his personality is going to overwhelm hers entirely, but hopefully she can hold her own.

    THURSDAY (8/12): Arcade Fire (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
    OR: The Walkmen (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
    OR: The Whigs (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)

    FRIDAY (8/13): The musical high point of the evening is a rerun of an American Idol castoff... ouch. This is where your TiVo comes in handy. Or go outside.

    And MGMT will be on Saturday Night Live, but not so live, on Saturday night [Ed. Note: It's a rerun of a mediocre episode, but given their owning of the crowd at Lolla, it might be worth revisiting at least their performance]. -selden paterson

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