Gorillaz Light Up the Dance Floor in New Video for 'Strobelite'
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    It's been about four months since virtual band Gorillaz released their long awaited fifth studio album Humanz. As any Gorillaz fan knows, the band's success is ultimately due to the harmony that exists between the band's music and animated visuals. Because of this, the British band has been releasing videos that show off their unique attention and dedication to storytelling visuals. Following music videos for their tracks, "Saturn Barz" and "Sleeping Powder," Gorillaz are back with a video for their single, "Strobelite."

    The video lives up to the name of the song, with bright lights and neon colors. The Gorillaz gang visits a night-club surrounded by humans cheering on the epic dance moves from 2-D and Noodle. Peven Everett, who's featured on the track, is performing at the club. Suddenly, when a mysterious man gives 2-D some kind of hallucinogen, the club turns into a pixelated world that is all kinds of fun. To celebrate the April release, cameos from featured artists such as Vince Staples and Savages' Jenny Beth are sprinkled throughout.

    Overall, the video is a celebration of music and dance, with stellar visuals that match the stellar track from the creative team behind Gorillaz. With it's funky beats and energetic video, "Strobelite" is sure to leave you dancing in your seat, wishing you could be there to party with 2-D, Noodle, Murdoc, Russel and friends.

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