Adult Jazz Gist Is
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Emily Geiger

    A lot of people have been drawing comparisons between Alt-J and Adult Jazz, and it's easy to see why. Both bands formed in Leeds, both have a lead singer with a high and inaudible voice, and most notably, both make highly experimental music. However, once you delve deeper into Adult Jazz and their debut album Gist Is, you realize that such comparisons are superficial, and these four newcomers have their own perspective and musicality to share.

    In a world where it seems like every indie band finds its name by taking a random inanimate object or animal and joining it with an odd adjective, Adult Jazz's moniker actually makes sense. Throughout the album, and particularly on "Donne Tongue," lead singer Harry Burgess' spewing of nonsense words can only be described as skatting, and the meandering, irregular rhythm in each track is a clear characteristic of classic jazz. But the four-piece have modernized their style by sampling various drums and horns and by interspersing electronic beats in an unsteady manor that ultimately gives Gist Is an asymmetrical quality, that instead of being unsettling, is intriguing.

    This debut was four years in the making, and because of the level of intricacy, the songs don't sound overworked, but tailored to a crisp finish that warrants an attentive lesson. Adult Jazz certainly faces the challenge of coming out of the shadow of their fellow lads from Leeds, but I'm guessing that before long the associations will wane and their talent will stand on its own.

    Gist Is is available now on iTunes, and you can check out the video for "Springful" below.

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