Listen to Wikipedia
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Today's random find comes from Hatnote, a site that tracks edits made on Wikipedia in real-time. They recently introduced a new project that musically tracks every single change being made by wiki users. With 100+ edits being made every minute throughout the world, watching and listening makes for a surreal, multi-sensory experience like nothing else. It's astonishing that such a rapid exchange of digital information could have such a therapeutic effect.

    According to Hatnote:

    Bells are additions, strings are subtractions. There's something reassuring about knowing that every user makes a noise, every edit has a voice in the roar. (Green circles are anonymous edits and purple circles are bots. White circles are brought to you by Registered Users Like You.)

    Listen to WIKIPEDIA HERE.

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