Lady Gaga Wanders Woods Naked: IT'S ART!
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Yesterday we posted an unreleased demo rough cut of what's rumored to be a song off Lady Gaga's forthcoming, November release ARTPOP. Today, we see her in only boots and a blindfold during a naked/meditative wander through the woods in ARTPORN.

    Okay, it's not really called ARTPORN, but it is about as bizarre as a Stanley Kubrick sexy dream. The video was shot during Gags's trip to upstate New York to practice The Abramovic Method with its creator, Marina Abramovic. There's a in-depth, artsy, important description of this method, but according to our findings, it involves yelling, naked, nature, and Eskimo hugs. Watch below. Just in case you missed the multiple times that I said LADY GAGA GETS NAKED, this is NSFW because LADY GAGA GETS NAKED.

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