Kopecky Family Band Kids Raising Kids
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 08, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Family should always be there for you. That's the rule. When times are good, they are there. When it's bad, they're there. When there's something to celebrate or to mourn, family should be there. What's funny about life in your twenties is how that idea of family expands. Removed from the financial and social safety net of college, most kids find themselves out on their own for the first time, and at a time when the blitz of emotions coming at you is lightening paced, often bringing big feelings one has never encountered before. The idea of family can change. Blood, it seems, is no longer a pre-requisite.

    Case in point: when one of the members Kopecky Family Band faced the scary new challenge of being a first-time father at a young age, the band was there for him. It was an experience that inspired the title of the Nashville folk rock outfit's newish record, Kids Raising Kids.

    It's that feeling of camaraderie that zips through the collection of 11 tunes. "Wandering Eyes" leads with a cinematic, melancholy dirge of sorts, kicking off the record in a surprising way, and then quickly cutting the life line to such melancholy. The band jumps in, the mood is sneaky and jubilant, and before you know it the Kopeckys are all shouts and sing-alongs ("I'm watching you / I've got my eye on you"). The snaps, hand claps, big clumpy bass and hap hazard rhythms of "Heart Beat" follow, bright and chirpy, ready to snag the listener. Warm sentiment like the gorgeously laid out "Hope", breezy duets like album highlight "Are You Listening", a little bit of fear ("Change"); the band press the crazy complex vat of emotions that's the result of navigating young adulthood into this noteworthy collection of songs. Kids Raising Kids is the product of support in the face of the wild and crazy lives of a band chasing a dream and trying to have "normal" lives at the same time. If they keep it up, these kids ... well, they'll be alright.

    Kids Raising Kids is out now on ATO Records. Get your copy here.

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