Getting Cozy In A Cabin With Kopecky Family Band
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 08, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    During our recent acoustic get together with our pals The Kopecky Family Band, Gabe, Kelsey, and Steven offered up a sense of what it's like to be in a band on the go these days, grinding it out, and chasing the dream. It's not easy. Vans break down (RIP - The War Wagon, which died at 450K miles the day before our meet-up), shows get cancelled, wives and children get left behind for weeks on end; it's not easy for a band that pretty much lives on the road. Despite the good times, the crazy times, and everything in between, it's the music that's the constant companion. The word constant being the signifier of how awesome this get-together was. In addition to discussing their band, the trio also played a few tracks from their recently released album Kids Raising Kids. It's a joyous collection of heart pounding tunage, steeped in even more emotion when presented in such a stripped down manner. Playing "Heartbeat", "Are You Listening", and "Hope", the trio wow in the session. Filmed in our favorite bizarro cabin on Wall Street (the home of the band's label, ATO) the session feels like an intimate gathering of family. But not just any family either, it was The Kopecky Family Band!

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