Gotye Returns With New Animated Video For 'Save Me'
    • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Anyone who's experienced Gotye firsthand is familiar with his love of multimedia, and the stylized animation of his latest video might look vaguely familiar if you've seen the short he plays during "State Of The Art" -- although this one was animated by different people, and is a bit different in tone and aesthetic. Watch as bits and pieces of some sort of half-robot, half-organic humanoid reassemble themselves and begin to move. We're guessing this one is going to be a bit harder to parody.

    The video was directed and animated by Peter Lowey with 3D modeling and inbetweening by Andrew Bowler.

    Here's the "State Of The Art" short, in case you've never seen Gotye live before. It's a staple.

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