CupcakKe Steals the Show During Charli XCX's Set at Lollapalooza
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    During Charli XCX's set yesterday at Lollapalooza, the singer surprised audiences with an appearance from fellow pop singer Halsey. Charli XCX asked the audience, "You guys like girl power, right?" before launching into a revamped, PC Music-esque cover of the iconic Spice Girls hit "Wannabe," complete with futuristic synths and a whole lot of auto-tune. This surprise collaboration was pretty much a sneak peak for Halsey's upcoming tour, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, on which Halsey will be joined by Charli XCX as well as PartyNextDoor. Since yesterday, everyone seems to be talking about that "Wannabe" moment.

    If anyone really stole the show though, it was Chicago rapper CupcakKe. Later on in the set, CupcakKe came out to rap her verses on the song "Lipgloss" from Charli XCX's latest mixtape, Number 1 Angel, and the rapper went on to perform one of her own songs, "CPR." In theory, the "Wannabe" cover with Halsey was cool and fun, but I think the auto-tuned backing track was kind of disconcerting, while it actually made sense in the context of "Lipgloss." Also, I just really, really like CupcakKe. Just look at that smile! And "Wannabe" is obviously a great throwback, but CupcakKe literally got an entire crowd to collectively moan with her so… I think if I had to choose just one moment from Lollapalooza to actually witness in person, it would have to be that CupcakKe performance.

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