Baio Gets Too Close and Too Personal In New 'Man of the World' Video
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Music videos are always great for when you need some clarity of a song's lyrics. If there's a word mentioned that you don't recognize, perhaps a visual will appear in the video so you don't have to spend time just looking it up like a normal person. Some artists know that this is the kind of educational content that appeals to their fans, but sometimes they take it a little too far and get a little too literal. A prime example of this would be Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio in his new video for "Man of the World," which, to say the least is a extremely confusing. When I say confusing, I don't mean that while watching you don't know what's going on, but rather you know exactly what's going on but you don't know why and you kind of wish you didn't.

    Within the first ten seconds of the video, you see Baio standing on top of planet Earth, walking along water next to a bridge, and you get uncomfortably close to his eye in a zoom-in sequence. To add to the discomfort, Baio is sure to make as much straight on eye contact with the camera as he can throughout the entire video, because who doesn't love staring into the seemingly lifeless eyes of a singer while they sing about being a man of the world?

    This all leads into Baio singing about not wasting someone's time while holding a clock in his hand and then pleading, "Won't you please be mine" while presenting a stuffed bumble bee figuring like some cheap last minute Valentine's day gift. The most uncomfortable part though, is when the camera is set dead on Baio's mouth as he says, "Tell me what you want," and again at "You're the one I want." Baio, stay right there–I'm calling the police. It's clear he was going for the most cringeworthy video of 2017 and he succeeded. Someone give him this award right now. It's cringeworthy in an endearing, lo-fi way though - the same way that Tim & Eric or Mac Demarco make you want to vomit and love them at the same time.

    When Baio stopped by the Baeble office, he was slightly more normal than you'd expect after seeing this video. You can check out our much more comfortable session with him down below.

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