10 Songs to Ease Your Back to School Blues
    • MONDAY, AUGUST 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    Happy August! You know what that means right? It's back to school time! I'd feel guilty bursting your Summer bubble if it wasn't for the thousands of department store commercials that have probably done it by now. So to help lessen the blow, I'm here to supply you with songs that will make this time of year a little bit easier. Here are 10 tracks to accompany your back to school blues.

    1. "Outta My Mind" - The Arcs

    "Good morning children, welcome to school." If that opening line doesn't prepare you for back to school, nothing will. The Arcs have a familiar sound thanks to frontman Dan Auerbach, one half of The Black Keys. Because of this, "Outta My Mind" will have you ready for school in no time.

    2. "Endless Bummer" - Weezer

    This one goes out to anyone who's completely over Summer. I don't understand you, but I respect you. Like most tracks off Weezer's latest album, "Endless Bummer" is full of everything that made Weezer's earlier work so great. With lyrics like, "I just want the Summer to end," you're sure to feel less alone.

    3. "Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2" - Pink Floyd

    How could I not include this? This song belongs on this list. The electrifying guitars and the catchy refrain, "We don't need no education...We don't need no thought control," make for the perfect back to school song to get out all your angst.

    4. "Back to School" - A Great Big Pile of Leaves

    This song is indie-rock bliss with a sentiment we can all agree on. "Where did the Summer go?" is a question we're all asking ourselves lately. As the track goes on, we're given relatable lyrics like, "First day back to school and I'm sleeping." Too real.

    5. "School Spirit" - Kanye West

    "School Spirit," off Kanye's debut album The College Dropout, is a mix between a frat boy's dream and a protest song. As the track goes on, it's clear what Kanye thinks of the education system. It can be summed up in one sentence, "Back to School and I hate it there."

    6. "Campus" - Vampire Weekend

    On Vampire Weekend's debut self-titled album, the band establishes themselves as boys next door. Or in this case, boys next dorm. This track reminds us about the inevitable situation of seeing someone you dated on campus when you're just trying to get them out of your head. Ah, the joys of college.

    7. "High School Never Ends" - Bowling for Soup

    Is it blasphemous to have Bowling for Soup on the same playlist as Pink Floyd? Oh well. This one is for those who may not be in school, but still feel the effects of back to school time. "And I still don't have the right look, and I still have the same three friends, and I'm pretty much the same as I was back then, high school never ends." Accurate.

    Side note about this song: I always play this in the car with my friends and they pretend to be annoyed for about 10 seconds and then proceed to sing every word (very loudly).

    8. "Rock N' Roll High School" - Ramones

    Here's a track to remind you to enjoy your time at school. Trust me, It's not as bad as you think. Always look on the bright side and rock out while you still can!

    9. "We Looked like Giants" - Death Cab for Cutie

    For all you rebels, "We Looked like Giants" is the track for you. This is the perfect back to school song for the art kids who love to skip class and wear leather jackets.

    10. "Skool" - San Cisco

    This song is all kinds of adorable. With school-themed lyrics like "I was never that good in school...English was not my forte but I fought for you" and "My heart school heart was bursting at the seams," it's a sweet love song about love blooming in the worst of conditions. Those conditions being the fluorescent lights of classrooms everywhere, of course.

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