Of Monsters and Men Release Glittering Video for 'Empire'
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    Of Monsters and Men's video for their song "Empire," off their new album Beneath The Skin, spins a gorgeous tale of forbidden love between women, of the restrictions of age, and of the inexplicability of desire. In the black and white video, two women - one youthful and sullen, played by androgynous model Erika Linder, the other older and bright-eyed, played by model Ingmari Lamy - discover their unexplainable and timeless bond, one that bends rules of age, gender, and time. The women dance across the frames, sometimes joyously and sometimes frantically; they embrace, the white of their hair mingling. As time passes, the video gets more and more surreal; the older woman levitates off the bed, the younger woman trades her suits for the older woman's glittering dress and twirls. The video ricochets between being playful, romantic, and just a bit scary, but above all it is disarming in its beauty and its depth of emotion.

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