Flashback Friday: A Near Miss With Snow Patrol
    • FRIDAY, AUGUST 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    Everybody remembers their first concert, even though they may be too embarrassed to admit exactly who the act was. My first concert was Echo & the Bunnymen with my Dad at All Points West in 2009 [Ed. Note: Echo & the Bunnymen is a way more cool first concert than my first concert which I will never share on this site because I will be hounded out of music journalism for it], but only for certain reasons.

    It was wintertime '06 (I'm like the extremely white version of Vince Staples), and I was 12 years old. Christmas had quickly come and gone. Santa did me well that year; I received a copy of Madden 07 that featured Shaun Alexander on the cover, as well as a copy of Snow Patrol's Eyes Open and two tickets to their show on March 26, 2007 at Madison Square Garden. One for me, one for my dad. I was really excited, and I'm not afraid to admit I liked Snow Patrol, especially after hearing "Splitting Games" for the first time on MLB Baseball 2004 (still a fire track). It would be my first concert that I would ever attend.

    Just before I get into what happened, let me explain how anxious of a person I am. For a good few years of my ,life I was terrified of accidentally swallowing a woodchip (I have no idea how this would ever happen, but it scared the shit out of me). I blamed my mother's back problem on myself after hearing "don't step on the crack, or you'll break your mother's back" for the first time, immediately brooding over all the times I must've obliviously stepped on a crack at that point in my life. And upon mentioning my sister, Fiona, to someone for the first time, I would immediately follow with the clarification that we were not massive Shrek fans in my house, worried that someone would think I came from some kind of weirdo family with a bizarre obsession for Dreamwork's Scottish ogre.

    Flash forward to the week of March 26th, 2007. The day was rapidly approaching and I began to start having awful anxiety about the show. I was kept up at night by thoughts of what the show would be like, who would be there, and how embarrassing it would be once everyone sees that I didn't know the lyrics to every song.

    What would all the hardcore Snow Patrol fans think of me??? Will I get kicked out of the show?? I dont have enough time to memorize all the words of an entire album!!!! They'll probably shank me. If I die at this Snow Patrol concert...

    You get the point. The day of the show finally came, and I decided it would be much safer for me to stay home, rather then facing the wrath of the non-existent Patrol-Posse I had fabricated in my head. Fearing some sort of gang like mentality that these fictional Snow Patrol radicals would have, I resorted to extreme measures. After establishing a well thought out plan in the morning, I had come up with the perfect scheme in avoiding the dreaded, which was none other than faking sick. I lied in bed for about an hour before we were about to go, and when my dad tried to get me ready, I said I couldn't. After I convinced him of my illness, I felt a massive wave of relief pass over me, only to be followed by another massive wave of guilt I had for wasting two perfectly good Snow Patrol tickets.

    Oh well.

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