Listen to Lorde's High School Band
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 07, 2014

    • Posted by: Peter Dolan

    It's trite to say that fame is a double-edged sword, but no other sentiment comes so immediately to mind in this instance: someone has unearthed Lorde's high school band.

    The New Zealand pop singer has been under increasing scrutiny since a meteoric rise to fame spanning most of the last year, scrutiny fixed in part on her relatively young age. That scrutiny's previously dug up some of Lorde's past endeavors (a talent show she sang in at 12), and today produced a more recent artifact — an Auckland band called And They Were Masked, for which Lorde apparently provided vocals.

    The band, self-described as Future Noir, lists The Mars Volta, Massive Attack, and Fugazi amongst their influences. Their album Characters went up just two years ago in 2012 — Lorde would've been 16 — and is available for listening and purchase via their Bandcamp. The song "Piece of Mind" features a familiar voice over a spare loop of ukelele and percussion.

    Lorde also provides backing vocals on the song "Sands of John", the video for which you can watch below, though probably for just until Lorde's PR team has it scrubbed along with the rest of the media for And They Were Masked. The high-school production values are pretty far afield of the art-house visuals in the video for Tennis Court.

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