Johnny Cash's Boyhood Home Opens For Tours
    • THURSDAY, AUGUST 07, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    Is there a better way to celebrate legendary musician Johnny Cash's unparalleled success than by resurrecting the very place where he drew his inspirations from? Doubtful.

    For several years, the Cash family, whom have always considered the lush cotton fields and haute bistros of Dyess, Arkansas as a luminous haven for all Johnny Cash fans, have been utilizing the help of the Arkansas State University Heritage Sites Program to slowly restore the illustriously rebellious musician's boyhood home.

    Once complete, the site is expected to lure in at least 30,000-50,000 visitors annually, restoring the desolate colony to its original historical image and creating a worthwhile experience for all the tourists who brave the journey across the country in hopes of celebrating the iconic musician's long-lived career.

    Ruth Hawkins, head of Arkansas State University's Heritage Sites program told STLToday:

    "I think that's one of the things that is so significant about the story is that the Cash family were just typical colonists. So, by restoring Johnny Cash's home, not only are we giving some insight into the lifestyle of somebody who grew up to be an international music icon, but were also sharing how a typical colony family lived,"

    The site, which opens to tourists on August 16th — the day after the University of Arkansas hosts its fourth annual Johnny Cash Music Festival — will act as the first of the many restorations planned for the colony and its surrounding areas. And while the music festival once began as a simple fundraiser for the settlement's restoration, it now seems that both the festival and the tours will provide the region with hundreds of new job opportunities and many years of perpetual acclaim — not to mention Cash's continued glorification as one of the greatest musicians to ever live.

    So, who's buying the first plane ticket to Little Rock?

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