Aaliyah's Voice Is Eternally Lovely On New, Posthumous Track
    • TUESDAY, AUGUST 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    Some will say that producing a work of art is the closest a person can come to achieving immortality. This is particularly true if you have a voice as universally moving as Aaliyah's, the beautiful and tragic singer who died in 2001. Her previously-unreleased single, "Enough Said," is now available, thanks to the efforts of Drake, who raps alongside her. Her voice is predictably magnificent.

    Drake has been very public about his adoration for the singer, often by displaying his muscular torso punctuated with 2 Aaliyah tattoos. In many ways then, the release of this track reads like a love poem. Reactions from fans have run the gamut from delight to uneasiness. Did Drake have the right to spit beats over her song, long after she could agree to the duet? Rather than speculate for too long on a topic so grim, we'd say check out the track, purely as a bittersweet reminder of what a lovely voice once graced the R&B scene.

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