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    photos by Elana Yakubov

    We'll never see another Jeff Buckley. Talent of that virtue cycles through but once a generation. But what's clearly evident since his untimely departure from this world is a certain breed of songwriter nurtured in the apparitional shadow Buckley continues to cast. Such is the case with Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg. Flaunting an incredibly dynamic voice, Meiburg is a dead ringer to Buckley's lasting legacy. From a calming breeze, to a temperamental gale, Meiburg navigates the broadest possibilities his pipes will allow. Such talent is fantastic on record. In person, it's astonishing.

    Gathering for a truly unique engagement at NYC's Florence Gould Auditorium, this inspiring show is the track by track premier of Shearwater's latest Matador release Rook. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Shearwater:: Live at the Florence Gould Auditorium - New York, NY

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